SDI – Strength Deployment Inventory

A number of Dedici workshops* incorporate SDI (Strength Deployment Inventory).

SDI is a powerful communications tool that helps teams and individuals enhance their communications success and interpersonal effectiveness. It is also a relationship awareness and development tool. It is designed to help people assess the strengths they use in relating to others under two kinds of conditions: when things are going well and when one is under pressure or faced with conflict.

Why use the SDI?

  • Focus is positive and non-judgmental – each communication style has value
  • Easy to remember and identify styles and motivations of others
  • Shows how motivational behaviour impacts conflict and stress
  • Provides a way to “speak” so others with different communication styles can “hear”

The Benefits of the SDI:

  • Enhanced personal communications skills to improve relationships
  • Understanding and appreciation of styles other than your own
  • Identification of styles appropriate to different situations
  • Pre-empted conflict and stress that arises from interpersonal style differences
  • Reduced conflict from style differences (unwarranted conflict), so that stress levels are lower, collaboration is more successful, and relationships are more rewarding
  • Improved teamwork flowing from better communication, enhanced understanding and appreciation of the differences between team members which is a prerequisite for strong teams


SDI Research, success stories and insights:


*Dedici workshops with SDI:

  • Courageous Conversations
  • Challenging Conversations with “Doctors in Training”
  • Cultivating Multi-Disciplinary Teams (Using SDI)

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