CPD during and beyond COVID – the 6 Rs Framework

Few would deny that a new approach to Medical Education is urgently needed to meet ongoing challenges.
A recent article in MedEdPublish suggests that CPD has proven particularly vulnerable to disruption, risking a detrimental impact on performance and ultimately patient care.
Dr. Aboulsoud’s excellent article suggests a model for planning and delivering CPD during and beyond COVID – the 6 Rs Framework: 

  1. Relevant
  2. Resource oriented
  3. Responsive to needs
  4. Regulated
  5. Redesigned educational modalities
  6. Revised evaluation tools and techniques

Dedici CPD Solutions work in harmony with this framework:

  1. Relevance
    • Constantly updated workshop topics and content. Our latest catalogue has 15 new titles in areas such as Wellbeing, Technology and Supervision.
  2. Resource oriented
    • Dedici facilitators are experts and educators mostly from non-medical backgrounds, allowing healthcare resources to be primarily directed to patient care.
  3. Responsive to needs
    • Face to face and online options make CPD accessible and convenient for all.  
  4. Regulated
    • Dedici is proud to be Accredited by the CPD Standards Office as a Provider of Training Excellence.
  5. Redesigned educational modalities
  6. Revised evaluation tools and techniques
    • We use post-course polls, surveys and reports to evaluate short term consequences. Our innovative programmes with Action Learning sets, 1 to 1 coaching and post course sessions inform longer term assessments.

Source: Aboulsoud S, 2021, ‘We “R” capable of leading CPD in challenging times: A suggested framework for CPD management during COVID-19 and beyond’, MedEdPublish, 10, [1], 2, https://doi.org/10.15694/mep.2021.000002.1

We hope the above article and information will be of use to you in managing CPD locally. Innovative methods are urgently needed to train, maintain, support and celebrate our Healthcare Professionals!

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