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Dedici offers a range of interactive online workshops, as well as blended learning programmes (incorporating diverse elements such as Action Learning Sets, 1:1 coaching, psychometrics and e-books etc). We utilise trainers most experienced in online delivery and have provided them with further training from an industry expert. We offer a selection of our standard half-day and full-day workshops, as online delivery requires a different learning design.

Our online courses are NOT webinars and are not pre-recorded.  They are live interactive workshops (see comparison of Zoom meetings v webinars).  Overall, this replicates as closely as possible the normal classroom environment.

We make full use of a growing list of Zoom and third-party interactive features, such as video-sharing, breakout rooms, in-meeting chat, non-verbal feedback, file-transfer, whiteboards, annotation, polling etc.

We provide a second facilitator as technical host to ensure that the trainer can focus on what they do best. The host’s tasks include:

  • Ensuing the security of the meeting and welcoming registered delegates
  • Providing a brief introduction to Zoom for all attendees
  • Providing in-meeting tech support for any who struggle
  • Maintaining an accurate register of attendance for certification purposes
  • Ensuring all receive the delegate materials via chat and email
  • Organising the breakout rooms/whiteboards
  • Serving as a backup for slide sharing
  • Initiating our contingency plans if the trainer has technical issues

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We have trialled delivery via several platforms and adopted Zoom as our preferred cloud-based resource. Feedback from thousands of delegates is that Zoom is more intuitive and user friendly than other resources.

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However, if required we can deliver via MS Teams or other platforms.

We do not currently offer hybrid events (both classroom and online concurrently) as standard. Hybrid events need to be designed/delivered differently and require extra technology and personnel to run effectively. If there is a specific reason necessitating hybrid delivery, please contact our Business Development Team.

We do not record our online workshops, just as we would not record a face-to-face event or 1:1 coaching session. Although common, recording of live events has several significant legal considerations:

  • Personal and sensitive data may be disclosed during the event
  • Potential identification of individuals or their personal characteristics
  • GDPR requirements for a legal basis such as consent, right to data, right to erasure etc.
  • Employee consent may be invalid due to the imbalance of power

In addition, recording damages the “safe space” for learning, especially when sensitive matters are being discussed. Delegates will not feel comfortable sharing their personal feelings and anecdotes if they know that their words are being recorded for later analysis.

We take into account Cognitive Load Theory, when designing our learning programmes. Cognitive overload not only impedes learning but can even make us more biased. We therefore reduce extrinsic load by:

  • The use of a user-friendly platform
  • Providing a “Zoom tips guide” including advice on reducing environmental distractions
  • Limiting visual stimulation
  • Avoiding the overuse of multiple communication channels at one time (such as video, audio, chat, polls etc.)
  • Providing our second facilitator to advise and support on technical issues etc.

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If attending a Dedici online event, please make sure you are set up to run Zoom and to participate (via both camera and audio). Please follow this link to test your settings in advance.

Participation is a requirement in order to receive a certificate of attendance.




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