Learning Design

The learning and teaching strategies found to be most effective and important for face-to-face delivery, can also be effective online. We incorporate these strategies into our learning design. They are (in order of their effect size):

  • dediciClassroom discussion
  • Scaffolding or mastery learning
  • Feedback
  • Reciprocal learning and peer tutoring/support
  • Learning goals/objectives
  • Spaced practice
  • Direct instruction
  • Meta cognitive strategies
  • Worked examples
  • Formative evaluation
  • Test enhanced learning or retrieval
  • Co-operative or social learning

Source: Wietrak, E., Rousseau, D. and Barends, E. (2021) Effective virtual classrooms: an evidence review. Scientific summary. London: Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

Some of these techniques can be more challenging online (whether delivering training or coaching). For example, feedback is easier to obtain face- to-face. Facilitators can easily watch body language and facial expressions to gauge whether learners are following/understanding. Our facilitators therefore regularly ask for real time feedback from delegates when delivering online (see our online delivery policy).

Design team

academy of medical educators, aome, logoOur design team includes Marion Parris (Dedici Founder and Senior Trainer). In July 2018 Marion was made a Fellow of the Academy of Medical Educators signifying “special interest and expertise in medical education”. Her recognition was for showing “substantial achievement” in “Designing and Planning of Learning activities”.

We also benefit from experienced L&D professionals with a wide variety of specialisms and a real interest in effective Learning Design. Our Masterclass Speakers include award winning Professors of Medical Law and Medical Education.

Dedici is known for regularly introducing developing innovative new courses – our catalogue is revised several times a year with up to date, relevant topics.

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